Finally, a blog where I can put and share some acquired knowledge. I have been planning on setting up a blog for a long time and the main reason why is I want to share some hardships and solutions that I came across on. Sometimes, little things can be overlooked and most instructions are not very thorough.  Lately, I have been learning certain services that can run in Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS which I will discuss also in the future.

For my next blog entry, I have decided  I want to start with my current web hosting site, Dreamhost because it took me a long time before I can get this blog live. Now, as a new user of Dreamhost, I had a very hard time on figuring out how to setup a dynamic DNS, a method of linking your domain name with your changing IP address, not that it has anything to do with getting my blog started but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Here’s the link for the tutorial

How to setup Dynamic DNS for DreamHost


In the future, I will be discussing and giving you a thorough how-to instructions on certain topics such as but not limited to, Ubuntu Server 12.04, VoIP Cisco Phones, Asterisk and more.