1998-2002 Honda Accord LED Vanity Mirror Lights

I do a lot of do-it-yourself when it comes to my car. Mainly because I like learning and it is a LOT cheaper. Mostly, it would just be small things like changing LED lights, fluids and drive belts. I’m not an expert but I try to read and learn before I touch anything. I don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere because I messed with the mechanics of my car. So I am going to start with a very small project, converting your lights to LED for your vanity mirrors. I don’t know about you but I love bright lights so I changed mine to 6000k Xenon White LED.

I did this for my car which is a 2001 Honda Accord Coupe EX. I imagine it would be almost the same procedures for most cars but I could be wrong. ┬áSo let’s start!

These are the stock lights that came with the car.



These are the 6000k Xenon White LED that I purchased from eBay.


This is a 30-WHP Fuse Type 3-SMD D29mm LED lights. It has 3-Emitter 5050 SMD and it is 1.15 inches (29mm) long . It will replace stock 6614F and TS-14V1CP for most car sun visor vanity mirror lights.

You will only need a fairly small flat-head screwdriver. I used a bigger one. You will need to pry the cover up and just be careful to not scratch the cover or the trim. (I hate scratches. It drives me crazy.) Once it starts to lift up, you can just remove the cover by hand so you prevent the cover to fly everywhere.



This is the stock bulb.



Once the cover is out, you can remove the bulb. You can use your screwdriver to lift the bulb up a little and just grab it. Now replace it with the new LED bulb. The LED bulb has a positive (+) and negative (+) polarity so once you have inserted the bulb, test it out. If it does not light, turn the bulb around and test it again. I have to turn my parking lights on to test it because mine does not light without it. Yours might be automatic when you lift the cover for the mirror.




After testing it, put the cover back on. It should look like this.




I will do more tutorials for 6th generation 98-02 Honda Accord when I get to do things. I have converted most of my lights but I will try to make tutorials for those.

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  1. I purchased a 2000 Honda Accord and the bulbs on the sun visor will not work. The # is 14V01A-BLC. I do not know if this is the original bulb or a replacement. I bought some of the LED one’s that you have in this blog and they will not work either. Do you know what else is could be? Thank you.

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