1998-2002 Honda Accord Gauge Cluster LED Conversion

I did this a long time ago and I had a hard time looking for information online on what bulbs you need for the conversion for 98-02 Honda Accord so I decided to take some pictures and label each bulb in the cluster. I’m also going to show you how to take the gauge off when replacing the bulbs.

Car used: 2001 Honda Accord Coupe V6

1. Remove the two screws on the top of the panel and remove the panel by pulling it out. It’s just attached by tabs.


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1998-2002 Honda Accord LED Vanity Mirror Lights

I do a lot of do-it-yourself when it comes to my car. Mainly because I like learning and it is a LOT cheaper. Mostly, it would just be small things like changing LED lights, fluids and drive belts. I’m not an expert but I try to read and learn before I touch anything. I don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere because I messed with the mechanics of my car. So I am going to start with a very small project, converting your lights to LED for your vanity mirrors. I don’t know about you but I love bright lights so I changed mine to 6000k Xenon White LED.

I did this for my car which is a 2001 Honda Accord Coupe EX. I imagine it would be almost the same procedures for most cars but I could be wrong. ┬áSo let’s start!

These are the stock lights that came with the car.



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