DreamHost vs. Dynamic DNS

DreamHost is one of the top five web hosting companies according to Lifehacker. That is the main reason why I chose and went with them for my web hosting. The first five hours after I transferred and registered my domain with them was hell. BUT, BUT customer service chat was very helpful and did not fail me at all with every problems that I had. Of course, after I registered my domain with them I wanted to do my dynamic DNS so I can access services and my server at home. It took awhile for the DNS to propagate but it is now working and that is why my blog is up as well!

So why do I want dynamic DNS and what is its benefits to me?

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Finally, a blog where I can put and share some acquired knowledge. I have been planning on setting up a blog for a long time and the main reason why is I want to share some hardships and solutions that I came across on. Sometimes, little things can be overlooked and most instructions are not very thorough.  Lately, I have been learning certain services that can run in Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS which I will discuss also in the future.

For my next blog entry, I have decided  I want to start with my current web hosting site, Dreamhost because it took me a long time before I can get this blog live. Now, as a new user of Dreamhost, I had a very hard time on figuring out how to setup a dynamic DNS, a method of linking your domain name with your changing IP address, not that it has anything to do with getting my blog started but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Here’s the link for the tutorial

How to setup Dynamic DNS for DreamHost


In the future, I will be discussing and giving you a thorough how-to instructions on certain topics such as but not limited to, Ubuntu Server 12.04, VoIP Cisco Phones, Asterisk and more.